Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bad Boys

She was his shadow almost from the moment she met him.

The Rooster didn't leave his side even once.

At the playground, she sat behind him with her arms wrapped around his waist as if they were driving cross country on a Harley Davidson.

His name is Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is five.

Seven days later, The Rooster was still walking around the house chanting his name in dreamy sighs.

She threw herself into my lap, looked up at me, smiled and said only, "Jeffrey."

"You really liked Jeffrey didn't you, Roo?"

"Oh, YES!!" she said.

"What was it that you liked so much about him?" I asked.

Her eyes took on a devilish shine.

"He was always getting in trouble," she confided, "and it was SO MUCH FUN!"

Oh, here we go.

The Rooster is going to like the bad boys.


Joie said...

I bet your mom is having a good laugh about now.

kurrabikid said...

Ye gods. Already?!!

Leslie said...

My five-year old Julia has similar taste. I suddenly feel like I owe my mom a big apology.

Cynthia said...

Oh, i am just giggling giggling gigging........

Mac and Cheese said...

Oh boy...

annie said...

Oh, girl. You are in trouble!