Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Toys for Dinner

The Rooster came into kitchen bawling while K and I were preparing dinner tonight.

"I accidentally swallowed it but I didn't mean to," she wailed.

All cooking activity ceased.

"What did you swallow, Roo?"

"A magnet and my tummy hurts!"

Eating magnets buys you an automatic trip to the emergency room.

K watched the small, steel Magz ball move from her stomach to her intestine in the Children's Hospital radiology department.

When the doctor was releasing Roo, he told K,

"Well, I don't think the ball is the part of the toy that is magnetic and it's just the one ball in there so..."

Then, unable to resist, he added,

"This too shall pass."


Stella said...

Poor thing!
Glad to hear it's already moving!

My son swallowed a BOLT a few months ago. We spent two weeks searching poop!!
It all does come to pass!

Sayre said...

Poor Roo. Sounds like me when I was a kid, but I had a penchant for putting coins in my mouth. Somewhere, my mom has quite a few x-rays of my stomach with nickels and dimes and pennies in it. Don't think I ever ate a quarter though.

happygal said...

Just stumbled across your blog this morning and had to laugh at your story. We recently had a "did you really swallow those magnets" moment too (with a 19-month-old who couldn't really answer the question). Ugh. Thanks for sharing, it made me chuckle.

apathy lounge said...

My oldest son put a penny in his mouth and swallowed while we were at a department store. Needless to say, this set of a quick trip to the doctor who located said coin on its swift trip through my son's digestive tract. Who was it who said "The only way out is through?". So true. So true.

Scout's Honor said...

oooh, very scary. At least she told you. There was a poor kid up here near seattle who swallowed two and died from an obstructed intestine. And that was the last time we bought magnets...

Glad it all turned out.

Happy New Years.


Anonymous said...

Oh Roo! Give her a kiss for me. Love, Grandma Seattle.

Kyla said...

I hope it all comes out all right in the end. ;)

Amy @ Taste Like Crazy said...

"This too shall pass."

Did he really say that because if so, he might be the coolest doctor evah. Seriously.

Very glad that everything is a-OK. I can only imagine how scary that must have been.

Emily said...

I love that you always have such good humor about things.

Hope your dinners are much less exciting from here on out!

Magpie said...

A doctor with a sense of humor is a good and rare bird.

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! Poor baby. We recently had an incident with Conner. The most patient police woman on earth waited while we tried to talk Conner into confessing what exactly she'd swallowed that made her choke. Turns out it was the contents of an entire tube of toothpaste - luckily all natural flouride free. Scary little things, aren't they?

Dunia Berita said...

Oh it's a sad story I must say