Friday, December 04, 2009

Praying for Rain

Earlier this fall, The Mayor threw a fit about getting dressed in the morning.

[No different that the fits he threw about getting dressed in more recent mornings.]

On this particular day, The Mayor's had been invited to go to the local high school Homecoming football game with one of his friends and the friend's parents.

The Mayor was beyond excited about the opportunity to stay up late and to watch a real football game under the stadium lights.

[He also likes the pom pom girls in their high white go go boots and short white shorts.]

Sadly, his tantrum about getting dressed cost him the privilege of attending the game.

When I picked him up from school that afternoon we talked about the weather on the drive home.

"Looks like it might rain," I said.

"It does," he agreed.

"That would be bad for Homecoming," I said.

"How come?" he asked.

"Well the parade and the game could get cancelled," I told him. "They'd have to reschedule it."

Suddenly, things were really quiet in the back seat of the car.

I looked in the nirror and saw my five year old with his palms pressed together, his eyes closed and his head bowed.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

And he replied,

"Praying for Rain."


Heather said...

ah, what a cutie!

Slamdunk said...

Very funny. A day with the kids is always full of the unexpected.

Luigi | said...

Haha! Talking to kids never bores you. It's actually challenging to talk to them. This one is so cute. Thanks for sharing it.

carmachu said...

Thats hysterical.

Ponygirl said...

Girl, every day we have to deal with a total conniption fit as we try to get Colin dressed for the day. Are you telling me we are in for a struggle for the next few YEARS? Is this normal? God bless your patience (and mine). Love you!