Thursday, April 29, 2010

And Your Mama Drove a Pinto

My husband and I were helping our friends wash the dishes one night last weekend.

We always eat at their house when we get together, even if I cook.

Our house has a way of taking kid noises and magnifying them.

(((((The triumph of the short and loud people!)))))

Somehow, our friend's place doesn't echo the way ours does.

Anyway, as we washed and dried, we told stories.

David made some reference to his childhood and the 1970's.

The Mayor, who has a bad habit of eaves dropping, decided to suddenly join the conversation.

With a wild, eye-popping look of complete incredulity, The Mayor said,

"You were ALIVE in the NINETEEN HUNDREDS???!!!!"



Stacia said...

And my mama did drive a pinto, flame-loving pistons and all. Man, that was a good car. And a good decade.

John Ross said...

"his childhood in the 1970s" 'k, now I, born the same year as Prince, Maddona, Michael Jackson & Jamie Lee Curtis(on Shakespeare's birthday) feel REALLY old now.

fun post though.

Sayre said...

yeah... we are the ancient ones...

I realized the other day that the entire space age may happen within my lifetime. First trip up, last trip back. Kind of sad given the high hopes we had when the space program began.

Flyaway services said...

wow.. so sweet after reading this blog i m missed my childhood days.... thank you so much for the blog...

Gina said...

Too funny!

Hey, my mom drove a Pinto. That was one of my favorite cars as a kid.

furiousBall said...

whoa David has seen two world wars, and the invention of a bunch of crap

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My boyfriend (now husband) drove a Pinto.

My 9th-grade students asked me if I bought war bonds. Ummm, my grandmother bought war bonds!