Monday, May 24, 2010

Learn to Eat Like Old People

Another guest post from my husband, K.

We ate dinner at our friend’s house last night.

It was a casual dinner party, kids included.

We fed the kids first and then the grown-ups ate.

All this skewed dinner a little late by our early-eating clock.

While we waited, we both noshed on crackers and hummus.

A little bit of cheese, yes please.

We picked at left over hot dog pieces and grilled mushrooms as we cleared the kids plates.

When it was ready, we both ate solid dinners.

We could not refuse the chocolate cake.

Soon after, regret set in.

Both of our stomachs hurt.

My practical wife said,

“We have to learn to eat like old people.”

Oh baby, you talk so sexy to me.


furiousBall said...

you know Denny's give you a free meal on your birthday

Anonymous said...

"Old ladies eat like birds" and lots of other axioms that apply.

Sad that we can't eat like we once could and it begins eating unfinished tater tots, etc. from kid's plate.



bethtrue said...

That's so funny; i'm going to use that phrase now! Love it! Thanks for sharing. ;-)

John Ross said...

Oh yeah, that "older constitution" thing. Just another area of life where we tend to not appreciate how good we've got it till it's gone. Oh great, now I'm hearing Big Yellow Taxi in my head. 'xuse me, I've got to go find something else to put in there so i don't have to hear it all day....

Moon Mommy said...

All it took was for me to see the "pureed ribs" they served my grandmother at her nursing home to know: I will NEVER eat like an old person...

Michelle | Print Folded Cards said...

haha, I have actually learned my lesson in this. Personally I try to politely refuse then risk the consequences later.

JoeinVegas said...

Oh, yes, join us for the 4pm early bird special, and yes, you can take half of it home in a doggie bag for tomorrow.

Lightening said...


Old people eat their evening meal at afternoon tea time don't they?

Deb said...

And don't bend over to garden after supper:)

magimomsblog said...

LOVE IT! eat like old people, hehe... maybe that's what I need to do!

Raz said...

Old people have the right idea.

Napping is awesome. We could learn from them.

carrie said...

I think we had this same conversation in my house last week!

And then I broke out the Metamucil and it was a REAL party.

Ortizzle said...

Shocking, but not nearly as scary as this scenario:

Wife glances up at husband with food dribbling from corner of mouth. She says: "Honey, we ARE eating like old people."