Saturday, October 30, 2010

Transparency & Transition

Last winter, I took a job in social media and I find that after I spend all day at work blogging, tweeting and posting to Facebook, I'm spent.

I really miss the way that regularly blogging here offered me a chance to reflect, even in small ways, on what was happening in my life and how I felt about it.

Since going back to work full time, I sometimes find that I'm not sure what I think or how I feel about anything because there's no time to stop and consider.

Life is one long task list it often seems.

Yesterday I found out I'll be speaking at the Mom 2.0 summit to be held in New Orleans from February, 14-16.

I'm super excited to be going because I know I'll love seeing some of my favorite bloggers and meeting new ones.

When I saw the announcement though, it was the first time that I have seen my professional blog linked to my personal one.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I haven't taken down any posts here, but this new job in social media has forced my once (at least semi-private) identity to merge with my professional identity.

I don't mind, per se.

I mean, I stand behind the stories I've told here. I've been honest, I've been myself.

I've been transparent.

I'm not sure I'm used to being so completely transparent in a work context.

That's one thing I'd like to explore with friends at Mom 2.0.

More and more of us are translating our blogging experience into new career opportunities.

The blogging community helped me write through the process of becoming a mother.

This community was invaluable to me in that long path to integrating the idea of myself as a mother with the idea I had of myself before I became one.

I'm hoping that I'll write more, and that we can talk more, about what it means to be online personally and professionally at the same time.


(Oh, and I probably have to talk about volunteerism too, because that is what I've always been all about professionally and now everything's all mixed up and jumbled together.)

So here we go...