Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hey, No Fair!!

K usually wakes up the children, but he had to leave the house early the other day.

We do it differently, the waking up.

K plays an out of tune guitar and sings a made up morning song that might remind you of alley cats meowing in the night.

I prefer to climb in my children's beds and snuggle them awake.

On this particular morning, I climbed in with The Rooster first and rubbed her back and talked with her until I knew she'd get up and get dressed.

Then I moved into The Mayor's bed.

Because relating to seven year old boys seems to require an element of rough housing, I didn't rub his back so much as gently transition him into several world championship wrestling maneuvers.

As I climbed out of his bed, I said,

You'd better get up and get dressed quickly because I left a fart in your bed.

And then, unbelievably, from The Rooster's room I hear,



They will fight about ANYTHING.

The joys.


Kyla said...

Hahaha! That is hilarious, J.

Virtualsprite said...


thebookladi said...

I love your posts. Good to see you again. And hilarious by the way. I've got a couple of those too.

WILLIAM said...

That is awesome. The No Fair nos no bounds.

Gina said...

NICE! Love it! (I mean, sorry they will fight about anything.)

Leah said...

Please tell me you went in there and gave her one! Glad you are posting again.

Anonymous said...

I remember how you and your brother could fight over identical hats. Fair is fair - now it's your turn to suffer ;-))) Love Grandma Seattle

Michele H. said...

Love it! Glad to see you back!

machine screws said...

I opened the blog post on my iphone. I could not see the album cover. I read your comments about some people and mused "why does that sound familiar?" - When I scrolled down and saw the end I laughed out loud. I am so glad we had such and educational impact on you.