Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Are the Toilets on Tatooine LEAD Certified?

"Please welcome to the panel, Ms. Flarty Flargenhammer, the Vice President of Sustainability at Star Wars Hotels."

[Okay, her name wasn't Flarty Flargenhammer, but he DID introduce her as the VP of Sustainability for Star Wars Hotels.]

He didn't stammer.

He didn't catch himself.

He stepped off the risers and the panel discussion started.

"Did the crowd get all over that?" I asked my husband who was retelling the gaff to me from the sustainability conference he was attending?

"Nope. Nothing."

My colleagues, all marketers and internet people, would have all had their hands instantly raised.

"Do you recycle on the Death Star?"

"...and do you think Han and Luke would have died in the trash compactor if you recycled more?"

"Are the Imperial Shuttles hybrid or electric?"

"How to you achieve farm to table in galactic space?"

The poor woman from Starwood Hotels would have had no idea what hit her.


CroutonBoy said...

"Have were you able to scale wetlands preservation on Dagobah?"

"How do you justify the inefficient power generators you installed at Echo Base on Hoth, especially considering their vulnerability to Imperial assault?"

"Can you maintain the sustainability standards and certifications ratified at the Yavin conference?"

"Your hotels on Endor and Kashyyk are gold standards for green chemistry and conservation biology, yet you have been criticized for your exploitation of the local Ewok and Wookie populations. Can you comment on your efforts to balance economic and environmental justice?"

"How is the clean up of the Alderaan debris field progressing?