Sunday, November 08, 2015

Why You Should Question the Need for Tape

My friend John was at home, at peace, cooking dinner.

His three-year-old son, known as “The Entropy Elf,” (so known for routinely propelling life toward chaos), climbed up onto the kitchen counter and reached for one of the many items placed atop the refrigerator (specifically to keep them out of his reach).

John, wanting to get him out of the way of cooking, asked what the elf wanted.

"Tape," the elf answered.


John gave the elf some tape.

The Elf returned. “More tape, please.”

His request was granted. 

This happened a great number of times before John decided to ask the key question.

“What do you need the tape for, small elf?”

“I show you,” the elf said taking John by the hand and leading him into the living room.

There, in the center of the room was a box.

The tape, as it turned out, was necessary for attaching each and every slice of the family’s deli roast beef to the sides of the box as well as, at the top,  a bowl of left over black beans.

“I’m building a robot,” the elf said.