Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tree Pose

The Rooster, in her never-ending quest to ridicule her parents, decided to demonstrate the proper technique for “shirt yoga.”

K and I have been going to yoga classes lately.  We both complain of not being able to hold the balancing poses very well.

There’s a pose called Tree Pose where you have to stand on one leg with the bottom of the opposite foot resting against your calf or thigh.

(I think it’s thigh if you’re young and calf if you’re old.  I put my foot on my calf in case you weren’t sure about me.)

Then you put your hands together at your heart and stay there for… probably 45 minutes.

If you are K or me, the toe of your lifted leg sneaks down every 10 seconds to keep you from tipping over.

(It is a known fact that if you close your eyes, the yoga teacher can’t see you failing.)

Anyway, as usual, one or the other of our children is sure their youth and vitality can rub off on us if they only show us the way.

The Rooster told us we needed to try shirt yoga.


“Let me show you,” she said.

She lifted her right leg all the way up to her hip (To. Her. Hip.) and wrapped it twice in the fabric of her t-shirt so that the shirt was holding the leg up for her while she balanced on the left leg.

She pressed her hands together at hear heart with a smug, short-cutting smile on her face.

But there is justice in the land as I have always known.

Her balance waivered. (Like it does even for all the best yoginis) and she began to teeter.

Her right toe tried to sneak down to the floor to restore order to the body balance only to find it was trapped inside the doubly wrapped t-shirt material. 

She went clattering to the floor in a sea of arms and legs.  (Cymbals may have dramatically clashed for emphasis.)

I couldn’t see her anymore because she fell behind the footboard of my bed (where I was leisurely reclining).

I heard her mutter “ow” and then I laughed until I wept.

“Aren’t you mother of the year?” she said.

I am, I am indeed. And I think I’ll stick to old, lady yoga.


Sayre said...

OMG.. can SO relate. I have trouble putting my pants on if I'm standing up. Tree pose wouldn't last very long for me.

chamblee54 said...

I remember you from the "bloggers who get together to drink" days. I am happy to see you are still in business.

Becky Bean said...

I'm glad to find new posts here. I found your blog way back in.... 2008? When I had a newborn son.

That newborn son is almost 10 years old and I now have four total kids. I adore your writing.

PS: Your horizontal parenting method got me through many, many years of infants/toddlers.